Dor Beach (Tantura)

Israel beaches: Dor Beach - Best Step-By-Step Guide (With Pictures)

Updated on 04/01/18

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Dor Beach (Hof Dor) is a beach in northern Israel, located next to Moshav Dor and Kibbutz Nachsholim. The beach is very diverse, it has shallow lagoon that are great for children, It is accessible and has really close beach resort next to it. The beach is considered a beautiful beach, with wildlife in the area. The beach is really close to the Bonim Natural reserve.   


Table of content:

  1. Location.
  2. Shade and Chairs.
  3. Beach Environment.
  4. Security, Services and Facilities.
  5. Activities.
  6. Transportation and Parking.
  7. What Is In The Area.
  8. People You Will Meet At The Beach.
  9. General Information.
  10. More Pictures.

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The beach is located 20 minute drive from Haifa and 5 minutes drive from Zichron Ya`acov. The beach is close to route 4. To get to the beach by car, turn to Nachsholim at Nachaolim junction, route 4. 

It's proximity to the Carmel mountain provides even unique view and environment when visiting the beach. 

On the coast line, to the north, you will find Ha`Bonim beach and Atlit beach. To the south, approximately 10 Km, you will find Aqueduct beach, Caesarea.

Other beaches in the area: Carmel Beach (20 minutes drive), Students Beach (15 minutes drive), Dado Beach (15 minutes drive), Atlit Beach (10 minutes drive)

Shade and Chairs

There is a lot of shade in the main part of the beach. The main part of the beach is close to the entrance to the beach. The beach spreads also to the south and to the north, but those parts do not have shade provided.  

Beach chairs are not provided by the beach, nor you can pay for one on the beach. 

Here is a great shading solution by Otentik, very simple to carry and install while on the beach. Checkout prices on amazon. 

Beach Environment

The beach is long and wide. It has sandy parts and rocky parts, on which are uncomfortable to walk on bare footed. The beach is commercial, public and it is close to Moshav and Kibbutz (not a remote isolated beach). 

There are few shallow lagoons, which is great for little children. It is possible to take a walk in the area of the beach and it's surroundings, the view is nice. 


Dor beach lagoon with seagulls

Israel beaches, Dor beach lagoon with seagulls



Security, Services and Facilities

Dor beach is a public commercial beach. It provide lifeguard services, though those are spread only in some parts of the beach.

More services the beach provides:

  1. First-aid station.
  2. Showers and bathrooms.
  3. The beach is accessible for the disabled.
  4. Dog owners can bring their dogs but they have to be attached to a leash and wearing a dog mouth guard.

** It is recommended to swim only in authorized areas and listen to the lifeguards instructions.


BBQ or fire camps are NOT allowed at the beach. 

Camping on the beach is NOT allowed. 

There is a restaurant at the beach. Open only on bathing season. 

Playing beach games are allowed on the beach, There aren't any "no play area" as far as I can tell. 


Transportation and Parking


There is planty of free parking near the beach. There is designated parking for the disabled. In peak season, free parking spaces are hard to find. Parking is free.

There is no Train station in the area. Buses to arrive close to the Moshav but they come rarely during the day. 

Walking to the beach from the bus station on route 4 is not recommended. It is 3-4 Km walk, on the shoulders of the road which is dangerous and not safe at all. 

My personal preference is getting there by car or taxi. 

If you are in the area, and looking for a bus or train, you can try moovit to get bus lines since they may change from time to time.


What Is In The Area

Moshav Dor, Kibbutz Nachsholim, 'Nachsholim beach side resort', Dor resort (the camping site is permanently closed) the Carmel mountain and some unique communities that live there. 

Zichron Ya`acov is 5-7 minutes drive. 

Fureidis village is really close, 5 minutes drive.

Haifa is 20 minutes drive on route 4. 

'Carmel Spa resort' is 15 minutes drive. 


People You Will Meet At The Beach

Mianly groups, families, tourists, the guests of the near by resorts and more. 

The population varies and it also depends on the season. 

In peak season the beach is full of people, If you are looking for a quieter visit, you can go north on the coast line. Since it is a longer distance to walk, less people go there. 


General Information

Glass bottles, cups and products are NOT allowed on the beach.

The beach is open 24/7, year-round. Services are available only in bathing season.

During bathing season, especially in it's peak, the beach areas may be very crowded, even at night. It is recommended to arrive early to the beach and bring your own shade.

Parking can be an issue in  peak season.


More Pictures

Israel beaches, Dor beach, picture of the beach



Israel beaches, Dor beach


Israel beaches, Dor beach area and environment


Israel beaches, Dor beach, clean sand strip





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